Faith In Action ‘Approachable Like Jesus’

easter 4

Jesus was approachable. He was given a plain and common name. Jesus didn’t go around as His Holiness, creator of the universe, which he rightfully could have.

Jesus was so approachable that not a single person was afraid to come to Him. When a woman requested that Jesus heal demon processed daughter, those around though about her authenticity, she was not Jewish and Jesus supposedly came to help the Jews. But the woman recognizes Jesus authority, and Jesus recognizes the woman’s faith.He heals her daughter.

The demon possessed man fell at His feet. The hemorrhaging woman touched His garment. When you look at the life of Jesus, every kind of person came to Him.The syrohoenician woman was outside of the Jewish family, but begged Him for help.

The outcast of society, the contagiously ill, the despised, they all came to him, and were welcomed by Him. While some people hatred Him because they lacked understanding, not a single person came to Him scared that they would be rejected.

Not one, and even on the cross, He accepted the thief that recognized who He was. Jesus was approachable for all, and He was so inviting that everyone knew they would not be turned away.

Colossians 1 verse 27: “Go wanted to make known to those among the gentiles the glorious wealth of this mystery, which is Christ in you the hope of glory.”

Christ in us are we approachable, the way Jesus was to all.

God Bless.


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