Weekend Inspiration


Leaning in faith on our Lord

trusting for the ones he gives to us on loan

expecting to follow as he limits.

Shedding and sharing

breaking and broken

crumbs of his communion

Living in his shadows of love

we honor his sacrifice

pouring blood of saving grace

peace, hope and caring hearts

a simple soul to ask of his tasks

we offer all we have to give.

Lean on all he offers

Loan to us those who need love

not beyond your sacred limits.

Trials, rejection to the cross you did lean

give to us ones on loan

accepting spiritual limits as guide

Loving us each to cause us, to lean

granting to us the lost to hold

within your holy limits.

Loving, leaning, loaning and unlimited love.

All things in ‘no’ limits love from the Lord.

Be Blessed


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