Insights Into ‘Nehemiah’


Nehemiah rebuilding, if things a have broken down around our lives, maybe with Our Lord and Our Friend’s help it is a time for rebuilding.
Without a wall, a city might as well not be a city. Nehemiah while serving as a cup-bearer to the King of Persia, hears a report that Jerusalem and it’s walls are in shambles.
The Temple were they worship God has been rebuilt and His people are worshiping Him, but the walls to the city, are in a terrible state and wide open to enemy attacks. It is a disgrace to the God they worship.
Nehemiah is guttered by this and he grieves for days. Nehemiah sadness was evident to King Artaxerxes and the king asks Nehemiah what is wrong. Nehemiah asks for permission to go back to his homeland to rebuild and fortify the walls.
The king agrees, and about 15 years after Ezra returned, Nehemiah makes the long trek to Jerusalem. Back in Jerusalem Nehemiah and Ezra work side by side to lead the people of God. Ezra as Spiritual leader and Nehemiah as governor.
The rebuilding was not easy, because of the taunts of the enemy, but under Nehemiah’s inspiring leadership the people pour their hearts into rebuilding the city walls. They finish the massive project in a very fast time of 52 days, which confirmed to the enemy groups that God was with His people.
When the work is completed and the people have settled into their towns, Ezra stands on a platform in front of the completed wall , reading scripture to the people. The people lives are touched by the scripture readings, they weep for their sins, repent and rejoice int the God that so loves them.

Chronologically, Nehemiah records the last events in the Old Testament, history. At he book’s end, God’s people have been back in the promise land following exile for more than a century. The temple is completed and secure, and Jerusalem is again surrounded by a strong wall.

God has rescued His people again. But God has a master plan that will bring back people to Him forever. This is to be achieved through The Cross of Calvary. now any ‘Whosoever’ is invited to come and live in God’s eternal Kingdom were walls can not be broken down

John # Verse 16: “For God so loved the world, that He gave His One and Only Son, that ‘Whosoever’ believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life”.
God is in the restoration business.

God Bless.


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