Weekend Inspiration


Having a sense of peace as an inner state of being is so often put to the test. When the testing trails seem to never end, our strength crashes, weariness overcomes and we lose focus on where God is in such an event.

We can even think His presence has left us. But, is hearing our desperate prayers, listening to our grief of dilemmas and sees our brokenness, He Is There, Our Lord and Our Friend, perhaps He is preparing you for a differing solution, a new way or pathway he will lead you along. His purposes for you and your family may be revealed in years, not days.

We may be led by The Spirit to a new country or an entire experience never producing itself, a new start altogether. Our lives can be changed by His plans for you in an instant but only with prayers of trust and His love for you and yours will be ordered as He gives. His protection and your future will be blessed, perhaps not as you visualized it but, in fact, in honoring your faithfulness along with obedience.

Do not fret or fear. Take time out, sit by a river and hear the trees whisper, watch the ripples of the flowing water, walk through a fried of daffodils, eat an ice-cream or just sit and breath in faith. His decisions may not be ours but they are for us with the peace of the understanding of God’s will for your life.

My family had two house fires in six months and we lost almost everything. It was such a tragedy but it led us to live and work in Australia and replace the homes that burned in New Zealand. God even blessed us with a swimming pool to give the four children great fun while they adjusted to very hot Perth {Australia} heat.

God has your names inscribed on His hands and love in His heart.

Be Blessed.


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