Insight Into ‘Second Kings’


God is wonderfully and lovingly patient, but His people are sick. and refuse to turn back to Him. God takes drastic action with the hope of waking their hearts.

Nothing takes God by surprise and He is the God Grace and Mercy, with Hope.that people will return to Him.

God’s People sickness is terminal. for more than 200 years the Kings pledge allegiance to vile gods. Worshiping false idols to provide them with things Our Lord and Our Friend has always promised to provide.

Even though God sees His people enslaved to the powers of darkness, and His Prophets Elijah and Elisha are pleading with the Kings and the people to return to God, it is to no avail. God is allowing His Prophets to demonstrate His Power and Love through miracles, the people hearts are hard.

To get His People’s attention. God allows the great destructive empire of Assyria to gain virtual control over His people and their kings. But even this is futile, they have became so hard. God soon give His people of the Northern tribes Israel completely over to Assyria.

The Southern tribes Judah, come off slightly better. Of Judah’s 20 kings, only 8 seek to follow God. After The Northern tribes Israel fall, King Hezekiah leads Judah on a path towards God. King Hezekiah relies on God and God steers Assyria away from the people of Judah.

Shortly after this, King Josiah initiates to repair God’s temple. Gods’ peolpe recognize they have broken His heart, when the high priest discovers the Book of the Law. This renewal is short lived, the next 4 kings on the throne are exceedingly wicked.

With grief, {yes we can grieve Our Lord and Our Friend too}, and righteous anger, God raises up another empire The Babylonians. God allows it to defeat the southern tribes of Judah.

God allowed His Glory Home to be destroyed as His people are taken off into captivity by the Babylonians.

A small remnant remain faithful to God, and God preserves this small group in exile. Through this remnant God will fulfill His Promises. God will rescue Hios people back to Himself.

We all might think we know what is best for ourselves, but God’s way is always best for our lives. Jeremiah 29 Verse 11 ‘He has plans for our lives, for our good and not for our ruin”.

The way back to Our Lord and Our Friend is always, open, it is entered with a repentant heart for the things we were never meant to do wrong-doings {Sin} against Him.

God Bless.


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