Insight Into ‘Firsts Kings’


David’s last days. Just as God had said, King David’s sin made a shambles of the monarchy. After one of David’s sons tries seize the throne wrongfully, David officially chooses his son Solomon as Israel next King.

David on his death bed, gives Solomon great advice, advice that is still true for all of us today, ‘Follow God’.

When God appears to Solomon in a dream and offers him anything he would like. Solomon asks for wisdom, for a God honoring heart. God is pleased at the request and not only gives Solomon wisdom, but pours out riches and national peace too. The nation under Solomon and his God honoring heart prospers.

David’s son reigns on the throne just as God had promised. Solomon undertakes the world’s most significant building project. with his God honoring heart.

God honoring hearts can build great things for the Kingdom, a lesson for us all.

After the completion of the temple, and a lavish dedication ceremony, God’s glory cloud descends on the new temple.

But sadly Solomon loves his foreign wives, and soon pledges his love to their false gods. Solomon even set up idol worshiping alters right across the nation. If that is not bad enough he even sets up alters to Molek, the demon god who requires children sacrifices.

Solomon is giving darkness a foothold in God’s kingdom, before we get to critical here, maybe it is time to search our own hearts, to see what displeasing things to God, we have allowed in our own lives.

Solomon’s actions, are a terrible betrayal, but because of God’s promises to David, God waits to Solomon’s death to rip the kingdom apart. God again keeps a promise to David, allowing his grandson Rehaboam to reign over two tribes in the south the Kingdom of Judah. But the remaining tribes become the Northern kingdom of Israel.

Israel King Jeroboam doesn’t seek after God, he worships dark idols. even setting up alters to golden calves in his kingdom. Everyone who follows him find themselves on a disastrous path.

Even Judah kings break God’s heart through their idolatry. God’s people are a broken mess, but instead of leaving them to their own devices. God stays and works through a few that remain loyal to him.

God’s desire is to be close to His creation, even though mostly they reject Him, Oh that we all would have a heart for God, because He has plans and purposes for our lives, plans for our good and not for our ruin. {Jeremiah 29 verse 11}

Read the book of first Kings again, so we can be strengthened to do what is good and pleasing to God.

God Bless


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