Sunday Encouragement


If this is your day for rest, we all need encouragement. Be encouraged by this wonderful verse from Psalm 115 Verse 1:

Psalm 115 Verse 1:

“Lord, who can dwell in Your tent? Who can live on Your holy mountain?”

Psalm 15 list 10 things on integrity. These are the answers to verse 1:

. To walk uprightly. What is our basic ethical commitment? Are we out to honor the Lord or are we just in self-gratification?

Works righteousness. What is the end result of your work? Are we promoting the things that please God.

Speaks truth. even little white lies when they are convenient to us, can catch us out, but speaking truth can’t.

Does not stab people in the back, or back bite. Do we say nasty things behind peoples backs.

Treats our neighbors with no evil. Loving our neighbors the way we love ourselves.

How loyal are we. Or do we turn away when things get to hard, and just come back when things are going well?

Honor those who fear the Lord. Or do we hang around with people for the sake of our own image, who have no reverence for the Lord.

Keeps his or her word, even when it is detrimental to us. Are we trustworthy and reliable?

Treats everybody equally. Or do we take advantage of those who are easily taken advantage of.

Does not take bribes. Is there anything that may get us to comprise our integrity.

When one reads through these sound similar to the 10 commandments, and being New testament people, we live under Grace. {Romans 6 Verse 14} But Our Lord and Our Friend, Who gave us this wonderful Grace, told us in:

John 13 verse 34 & 35:

V34: I give you a new commandment; love one another. Just as I have loved you, you must also love one another”.

V35: “By this all people will know that you are My disciples, if you have love one for another.

Therefore Psalm 15, becomes a self assessment, of how well we are doing at keeping Jesus’ New commandment. Be blessed that we can assess ourselves, and ask our Lord to help us in the things were we fall down.

Be Blessed Today And Everyday,
From Your Friends At

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