God Will Make A Way

romans 4v6

In the Hebrew language, when expressing the purity of something, the word is repeated. For example, in 2 Kings 25 verse 15 ‘pure gold’ is literally ‘gold gold’. In Isaiah 6 verse 3: The fiery seraphim around God’s throne declare his pure holiness 3 times:Holy, Holy, holy, the only time in the Old Testament that happens. That is the only superlatives to describe God, utterly Holy.

How do we approach a Holy God, well God always provides a way, there is nothing we can to do to approach God in our sinfulness.

Isaiah for example, sinful Isaiah is ruined. But the good and Holy God doesn’t want that. so He provided a way for Isaiah’s {wrong-doings} sin to be atoned for. A seraph brought a coal to Isaiah’s lips, using tongs the coal was hot, the alter was in use, a sacrifice was on it, Isiah was forgiven.

Once Isaiah’s sins were atoned for, God allowed him to step closer to Him, to hear the very words, “Who will go for us?’ The triune God asks. Isaiah volunteered, and he and God had a conversation.

Truly amazing a Holy, Holy, Holy God, wants us, the people he made out of dirt, to come close and into His very presence.

God made a way John 3 verse 16: “And any “whosoever” can come. It is a natter of choice to accept His extraordinary offer.

This Christmas time is a time to understand why God sent His Son, to be the sacrifice, so any “whosoever” who believes in Him, is freed from the power of sin, sin which would stop us from coming into His Presence, to come before Him and converse with Him.

God Bless.


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