Weekend Inspiration



God is a giving and forgiving God despite the sins of human nature. In EZRA chapter seven, verses nine to 21, it is written, ‘The king (Darius) granted his request to return to Jerusalem and many ordinary people traveled with him and the Lord gave him a good trip. This was because Ezra had determined to study and obey the laws of the Lord and become a Bible teacher, teaching laws to the people of Israel. The blessing that followed was of silver and gold being presented as an offering to the God of Israel. This included voluntary temple offerings used as funds for the purchase of oxen, rams, lambs, grain and drink offerings to be given on the altar of the Temple when arriving in Jerusalem.

‘The money left over may be used in whatever way you all feel is the will of your God. Take with you the gold bowls and other items for the temple of your God in Jerusalem and if you run short, requisition funds from the royal treasury. ‘

Ezra was overwhelmed with the rewards of generosity to beautify the temple and he praised God ‘for demonstrating such loving kindness to me by honoring me….. (Verse 28). I was given great status because the Lord my God was with me (and I persuaded some of the leaders to return with me to Jerusalem).’

So, Ezra studied and obeyed the Lord’s laws and was ordered to use the wisdom God had given him to govern and to teach but to punish those who disobeyed with harshness repercussions. We welcome the blessings from God but are we prepared for the consequences of disobedience, lack of listening to his word and being critical of others? Do we treat others with the love of Christ’s discernment or dismiss their needs and turn our backs? Are our eyes open to the Lord’s call of love, his generous giving of touching our hearts with endless blessings? Our God is generous and giving and wants to share with you.

Will you accept?

Be Blessed


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