Insights Into The Book Of ‘1 Samuel’

1 samuel

The theme the Nation transition from being led by God through a system of Judges, to be led by a progression of kings.

Most important statement to recognize, not just here in 1 Samuel, God longs for His people to love Him.

But here in 1 Samuel they insult Him by worshiping idols in His place.How many idol do people have today, in the place of The God, that wants to love them.

There is a very beautiful story in this book, that though there this sad state of the people of putting idols before God, there is a faithful lady called Hannah.

Hannah, goes to God’s house in Shiloh and asks God for a son, whom she can dedicate to Him.A longing heart pleads A longing heart, touches God’s heart.

God gives Hannah a son Samuel, who Hannah joyfully and no hesitation dedicates back to Him. Once he is old enough Samuel stay with the high priest Eli, in the tabernacle.

Samuel is raised loving and serving God. Samuel is able to hear God voice clearly, and eventually he leads the nation according to God’s direction.

The people snub God as king, and they ask for an earthly king. God give warning about what might happen, but God gives the people what they ask for. The first king Saul, never loves God wholeheartedly, and it is a determent to him and God’s people.

Saul is arrogant and insecure, striving for success and power, while mainly. ignoring God and his guidance available through Samuel. Striving for things and ignoring God, even in today’s society is also foolhardiness.

God’s People are blindly following a king, who doesn’t follow God. Similar in these times, people are following people leaders who don’t follow God.

Since Saul rejects God’s omniscience. God rejects Saul. Samuel is told to anoint a young shepherd boy David to be king. But before David step up into his anointed role, he serves under king Saul, who repeatedly tries to kill Him.

During this time, David consistently submits his life to God, and seeking God and His ways above his own. Finally God people has a man, who knows and loves God, after God’s own heart.

To be a people of God’s Own Heart, doesn’t require much of an effort, it is an act of surrender, into the plans and purpose Our Lord and Our Friend has for our lives.

God Bless.


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