Insight Into The Book Of Philippians


The Apostle Paul wrote to encourage the Believers at Philippi to live joyfully in every circumstance.

Paul letter is a letter of love, because more than any other church, the Philippian believers supported him, both financially and with prayers. it was a place dear to Paul’s heart.

Overflowing with affection for this church, Paul writes this letter to thank them for their recent support and to tell them how much joy they bring him.

The Philippian church, were concerned for Paul because he was under house arrest in Rome.It was because unbelievers in Jerusalem caused a riot that resulted in his arrest. Paul was a Roman citizen, and he appealed his case to Caesar, which is why he is in Rome.

Paul knew he may be executed, but Paul in his letter assures the Philippians believers whether he is executed or set free, he will be fine.

It is a wonderful attitude that Paul had, and is an example to us all to have. Having more time to share the love of Jesus or being with Jesus Himself in heaven both sound like good options to Paul.

Our Lord prompts Paul to remind the believers to serve each other, just as Jesus served them. Like each of us, we are to live out our identities as much loved children of God.

They like us need to shine like stars in the dark world in which we live.

Paul also urges the believers not to listen to the false teachers, among them who are telling them they should be circumcised. Paul reminds the believers that he spent most of his early life following God’s law as closely as he could. But all of those acts are worthless compared to knowing Jesus and receiving the right standing with God that He gives.

Even though Paul is in prison, his word are full of joy. Paul realizes that God is bigger than anything he will encounter, even if he is staring death in the face.

When we rest in the fat Our Lord, Our Redeemer and Our Friend has everything under control and is working for our good in all things, joy will overflow.

Living in the Presence of all He has for us has been in God’s good heart all along

God Bless


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