Weekend Inspiration



In Nehemiah, as God’s people’s journey led them out of captivity and away from Egypt they became frustrated at the long wait for freedom and a new beginning. They grumbled and groaned and actually spoke of returning to captivity. How quickly we become dissatisfied, impatient and wanting to do everything ‘our’ way. How soon did they disrespect all the wondrous events and provision God had supplied through ongoing hardships? They came to the conclusion that they could organize life better than God! How pathetic and dismissive of the gifts of protection and fulfilling of care the people complained

about. Like many of us who say, ‘We could do better.’ they tried to overcome and overturn holy decisions and still God persisted in meeting their needs, and was disappointed on hearing their rebellious talking. His heart must have grieved as they continued to be thankless, ungrateful followers yet, ‘HE’, The Lord God of us all’ did not withhold his loving support for them.

It is the same attitude today. ‘Doing it our way’ is, in general, a daily motto. We resent being advised how, when and where we should be directed in our lives. Why is this?

Christians prefer to be in the world living lives as God/Bible orientated teachings influence their days but also have to mix with non-believers who are worldly and perhaps sinners. The dynamics of working side by side must be fraught with dissension and at times, in strife. So, people of God, do we turn the other cheek, keep our tongues silent with inner prayer? Speak out in faith and truth, even tact and kindness? How do you handle such situations? Think about it? Find a spiritual strategy, seek insightful answers. From your heart hear God’s wisdom and your lips will speak or be silent. Others will ‘do it their way’ but you will respond in ‘his way’.

Be Blessed


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