Weekend Inspiration



Listen to raindrops pelting across the roof of tin,

punching the grey gaunt winter clouds.

You are in an armchair and hear the thunder

bolt and roll, boom above, so very loud

the deluge rattles through the walls so you wonder

at the power of the storm and feel fearful

and ask will this weather ease or damages win?


These times of fear, are from the human heart

as we exist in sorrow and pain asking why?

We have prayed our spirits fervently and in a fast,

yet the silence give us a sense of God not near

as we hold our breath and wait for him to appear at last.

But like the storms, do we wait until they pass?

Or fight the dangers, stark and dark, believing in his test

of wearying tears to restore our trust at cost so dear.


We seek his answers from devastating wild winds

and constant rain destroy, to lives we rebuild

with trust and assurance of our Lord’s patterns

in his purposes and pathways that we are to follow and be filled.

So in every storm, rain will fall and wind will shriek,

but still your heart, his deluge of love and peace won’t cease

he will shine in every storm and be your lantern

when you listen to the rain.

Be Blessed


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