A Woman Of Praise



In Proverbs 31: Wise words are written. taught to a King at his mother’s knee as a child. He is told, ‘Do not spend your strength on women nor drink wine as it is not for Rulers to crave beer, for they forget what the law decrees’. The wisdom imparted then could well apply to the men of today and relevant advice. However, as we read on we are told the amazing attributes as given, of a noble wife who is ‘worth far more than rubies’. I sense that the modern women of today may have difficulty with the comparison as to the list of virtues of this version of being a wife. I know that this writer is in awe of this biblical woman’s profile. No wonder the husband praised her devotion and dedication ‘all the days of her life’ for him.

She arises in the darkness before dawn, prepares and provides food for her family including servant girls, studies the potential worth of a field and purchases it from her earnings and plants a vineyard or two. She is strong in her vigorous daily tasks while makes sure her trading is profitable under her night lamp. As well as this she also opens her arms to the poor and needy and when it snows she provides her family, and the poor, with the warm clothing she has herself sewn in scarlet. Her own clothes are of fine purple linen but she has sewn sashes to sell to merchants. Her proud husband knows her strength, her dignity and that she speaks with wisdom. He listens to faithful instruction from her tongue, is aware of her attention to household affairs and does not eat ‘the bread of idleness’. Her children call her ‘blessed’ and her husband is full of praise for her.

No doubt men today, wonder where they could find such a woman ( little luck now Guys!) but here is a clue from the word of the Lord.

‘A woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. Give her the rewards she has earned and may her work bring her praise.’

Blessed is the reward of all who hear the instructions of faith from God.

Be Blessed,


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