Faith In Action ‘Meekness’


Meek  might rhyme with weak, but they are not alike in meaning; weak/weakness means; is a lack of physical, metal or moral strength. That is something we could say fits in more with with a lot of today’s society, ‘morally weak’.

Meek/meekness is Quite strength, the kind of power Jesus displayed, but Jesus was unafraid to confront.

Galatians 5 verse 22 Tells us about the fruits of the Spirit; Love, Joy, Peace, PATIENCE, Kindness, Goodness, Faith, GENTLENESS and Self-control.

Two of the Fruits of the Spirit are covered by the one word “MEEK”.

It is a quality that the world is desperately in need of. Mathew The Beatitudes. “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.”

Of all the virtues Our Lord and Our Friend recommended in the Beatitudes, it is significant that the first is humility, being ‘poor in spirit’ That is what underlines all the others

We cannot morn, without appreciating how insufficient we are to handle life in our own strength. That is Humility

We cannot be Meek, unless we have needed gentleness ourselves, Knowing that need is humility.

Just like Humility is bridal ed strength, Meekness is quite strength

Remember to be Meek, though it sound like weak is truly a quality, we need to be more like Jesus {Our lord and Our Friend}.

Put on Meekness, it is a quite strength, that will witness to the world, that you are one of His.

God Bless.


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