Weekend Inspiration


This weeks ‘Weekend Inspirations is one of Lorraine’s poems. We are truly blessed to have Lorraine writing for us now, Lorraine taught creative writing at college level. Be blessed by this poem ‘Listen To Me Lord’


Have mercy on me my Lord

Have compassion on me Jesus.

Forgive me Lord when I don’t listen

to others, and my hold my tongue Lord,

when I speak harshly or judge them.


Wipe my tears when I hurt so much,

they would fill  so many a jar.

Give me words of wisdom when I

talk to those who hurt also.


Open my eyes and ears Lord,

to know  to draw alongside one

who suffers much

and in need of your comfort.


Help me God, to know your plans

for me, always and often.

Thank you Lord, for your love in our hearts

even when we  are rejected and neglected

and have many problems, Father.


When our choices leave apart from your footprints,

grant us, O God, your power as we thank you

in our sorrows and sadness that when we cry,

you weep with us in our faith, with feelings,

loving compassion and endless empathy.


Thanks for listening Lord, to this humble

heart seeking your presence to change mine.


Be Blessed Today And Everyday,

From Your Friends at mylordmyfriend.com

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