Being tested By Time

time test


Many families live by the clock or on a rigid timetable in the modern world today.

There is so much pressure to achieve as a parent, to live up to expectations, to compete against one another. Not only do children have school studies to complete before the following day but there is soccer practice, dance classes, spelling tests, and it seems like go, go all evening. Time tests and activity almost up to bed time. Parents and children hardly have time to talk or share ‘time out’. In the car, out of the car, and chasing the winds of time.

So, who moved the boundary stones of life? How many families have a shared quiet time without television? Do they have a story read to them in bed. Do they have an ‘us’ time and each talk about their day or at the dinner table but the TV in the background can still be heard.

Are the parents and the children so tired they fall asleep weary and rise in the morning and the pattern of life continues? Is it time to set aside an evening quiet time to refresh and restore the relationship in a loving, grateful appreciation of just being together. Perhaps even a short sharing of a prayer, as a basis for the next day? Time together is somehow not as important and tests the pace of life today. So much to plan, so much to fulfill, so much has to be done.

Pressure has infiltrated life to an extent that relationships suffer from time deprivation especially spiritually. Have a study of your time schedule and in prayer seek the Lord’s guidance. Time-test your days. Who has moved the boundary stones in your life. Do they need re-arranging? Do you need more peace and less pressure?


Be Blessed


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