Faith In Sction ‘Precious In His Sight’


Let our actions be out of our response, that we are precious in His sight.

Matthew 10 verse 29 to 31;
V29: “Aren’t two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one falls to the ground without your Father consent”.

V30: ““But even the hairs of your head have been counted“

.V31: “Don’t be afraid therefore; you are worth more than many sparrows”.

Not Just a number to God, but precious in His sight. Amazing to think, God knows us individually, not so surprising because is Omniscient {All-knowing}.

The world has a system, were we will be known by a number, God is Love and He knows us by name. When we accept Him as Our Lord, Our Savior and Our Friend, by asking for forgiveness for the wrong-doing, that stopped us from having fellowship with Him. We are written in The Book of Life. {Rev 21 v 27}.

God knows us, and He loves us more than we can ever image, He would love to write the name of every person in The Book of Life, but that comes from a personal choice to accept Him, and to live for Him.

We are far more precious than just a number, we are known, and God knows when we fall and His will is to lift us up again.

John 3 verse 16: God so loved that He gave…”

The choice is there for any ‘whosoever’ to come under His protection and guidance, which will also have ‘any whosoever’ who makes the choice, written in The Lambs Book Of Life.

He knows us all by name, He is waiting, for us to come to Him, with repentance and acceptance, acceptance of all of Who He is, The Loving God that created us. He is longing that none should perish, but it is an individuals choice.

We are Precious in His Sight.

God Bless.



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