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Today we are blessed to have an extract from a book called, ‘About A Gardiner’, by a dear friend of the ministry. Werner Langer.  We recommend this book to everyone. Werner is a very talented man, a wonderful photographer and artist, and is currently volunteering as a Courthouse Chaplin, and his life of faith speaks through the Book. So be blessed by this extract, called ‘Windmill Wisdom’

Windmill Wisdom

Scattered throughout the garden, amongst bushes and trees, decorative ornaments can be found. My wife enjoys the little lizard on a log, purchased at a country market many years ago, now dwelling amongst the ferns beneath the bird bath. My nephew Mike visited me from far-away Germany many years ago. His gift of gratitude, a garden gnome, is a permanent reminder of the lovely times we enjoyed. Over the years we have received quite a collection of garden ornaments, most from family and friends. Many are in the shape of a decorative flower container, but one gift we received was not your ordinary garden variety. A friend presented us with a miniature windmill.

The upper terrace was the obvious position, exposing the 5 feet tall windmill to many favorable winds that frequent our garden. Sure enough, the metal blades commenced turning the moment the windmill had been installed. The windmill brought much joy to our lives, because it could easily be seen from our kitchen window. The years, filled with many north and south-easterly sea breezes, kept the windmill busy, but the salty winds from the ocean eventually caused its demise. Despite a few repairs over the years, corrosion eventually claimed the life of the windmill. I often think of this windmill and the profound message it delivered. It happened during a calm day when I was seated on the garden bench, reflecting and praying. The blades of the windmill were at a complete rest as if to provide more peace. It occurred to me that human ingenuity had designed and constructed the windmill. It is a wonderful piece of human engineering. Our Australian continent is dotted with large windmills, much taller than our garden model. These windmills are designed to pump life-giving water from deep beneath the soil, and this is essential for the survival of those living in these isolated parts of our country. All these windmills though are rendered completely useless without the wind that is required to move the blades and activate the pumps. It highlighted to me our human dilemma.

The human race is capable of great achievements, no matter where these may take place, but without God these remain just that, human achievements, like a windmill without the wind. God’s Holy Spirit is often described as the wind. We can see its effect, but we cannot see the wind or the spirit. We must choose, to live a life filled merely with human ingenuity and activity or to make God our guiding force, and allow Him to live through us daily, doing His will, through Jesus Christ.

When I sit on our garden bench, often closing my eyes, giving my day to God in prayer, it’s truly amazing how my awareness of the wind increases. It seemed silent a moment ago, now, with closed eyes, the wind is speaking volumes. What great personal comfort.

“Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.” (Psalm 127:1)

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.” (Proverbs 16:3)

Excerpt story from the book “About a Gardener” by Werner Langer.

Available as an Amazon e-book containing 111 daily devotions for those seeking inner growth.

Be Blessed Today and Everyday,

From Your Friends at mylordmyfriend.com


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