Weep You Prayer Tears



Many of us shed tears as unspoken prayers like a thin silver rain silently falling or so loud nothing can be heard. So then do our tears flow from hurt, anger, brokenness and with fears. Some of us freeze our tears and hide our feelings, some let them flow but many hold the sobs internally until quite alone. When we can’t cope God sends his angels but like a storm of many hours duration over perhaps weeks/ months/years even, the dark clouds pour sorrow and cry with our suffering hearts. I am honestly blessed to trust that my tears are always prayer tears to Jesus and in faith he will hear and answer in his timing and that his love will be my shelter and refuge of peace.

Some situations in life cut and bleed our emotions like razors to or souls, lingering with pain and yet has our Lord not been along a similar path, a familiar path, as one who will

walk with you, talk to you, feel with you, comfort you, show you that your prayer tears are carried by him. You are not alone. He is alongside with arms outstretched. Holes in his palms from nails of blood and pierced in pain.

Your tears are his to pour to in prayer so weep through your trials, he hears, he knows, he shed his blood for us in total love. YOU ARE HIS AND HE IS YOURS. So are your prayer tears. Weep and trust in his eternal love.

Be Blessed


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