Weekend Inspiration



The shards have shattered Lord – torn from my heart my Lord and lie broken at my feet.  I bent to pick them up but one piece was missing.  I had gathered up the pieces hoping to try and mend them with glue perhaps. I was unable to rebuild or reform my piece of pottery.  Although I had searched, that one piece was gone, just like my hopes from fervent prayer, that shard was not to be found.  How I longed for that special piece to try to complete the wholly formed ornament my loved one had once made for me and he also was gone.  In brokenness of spirit I had to let it go.

In my silent night of sleep, I saw the Lord holding the missing pottery piece. In His hands he had rebuilt and re-shaped a new piece from just that broken missing one but it was more exquisite from before.  He placed it at my bedroom door.

His gentle voice said,

‘Learn well, my daughter, that for every broken shard in your life, I can restore.  Trust in me for whatever seems to trouble you to befall.  Together we can mend, shape and form into something new, praiseworthy, precious and in truth.’

When your hopes appear bleak and dark as in broken pottery, I will renew with grace.  As I hold a missing piece, I will create wholeness from missing pieces but I only need the one you see.’

So God said to me.

When I awoke at dawn I knew God had comforted me.  Only one broken piece of pottery does HE need to complete the whole of his purposes and plans for you and for me if only we will trust our hearts to him in every way. His love will even mend lives like broken pottery.


Be Blessed,


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