Weekend Inspiration



An extract from a book written by Mike Riddell. ‘alt.spirit@metro.m3’.

COMMUNITY: The need to stand alone. The need to belong. How do you hold them together? I have tried to get by on my own, to be a rugged individual. Apart from the fact I lack ruggedness, it doesn’t work anyway. Sure, I need my spaces; but without people around they don’t seem like spaces – more like a vacuum. At last I have had to face up to it: I need people. I need relationships. Only in the context of belonging somewhere can I make sense of who I am. Over the years I have come to value the shaping power of community. I’m not sure any more that it is possible to be human apart from community. All of us need a place to stand – a group of people who know us as we really are and yet still love us. A community is a place where you can fight without fear of rejection.

The search for truth is not a sole venture. We need to hear all the voices if we are going to make sense out of the universe.

Reality is not some abstract which everyone has to ride. It is more like a garden for walking through to let a thousand opinions bloom. WE NEED EACH OTHER!

If we treat each other with respect, if we listen to each other’s stories and forgive each other, there may be some hope of community. It is such a vulnerable hope, ridiculous in the face of the new society, that I find it hard to get a grip on. But I know that I need it. That without some place of belonging all my spiritual aspirations will turn to dust and be scattered by the wind. May it not come to that. COMMUNITY IS A FRAGILE FLOWER!


Be Blessed


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