Message From Book Exodus ‘Our Liberating God’

exodus 1

The excitement that comes from Exodus, is summed by ‘Our Liberating God’. The Book of Exodus, reveals to us the character of the God of The Bible. Not only is He The Creator of everything, but He is also a powerful liberating God.

We often refer to Christ Jesus as Our Lord, Our Redeemer and Our Friend. “Redemption’ may sound a religious word, but it originally meant achieving freedom for someone else at one’s own personal cost. Christ Jesus paid the price Himself, to purchase our freedom from the Power of Sin.

God The Father’s desire for all to find this liberation, by Christ Jesus’ victory on the cross. Exodus shows us the vastness of God’s concern for His creation. People were set free in three different ways:

One of the ways on most people’s heart is economically.

So economically: God set the people free from the exploitation as cheap labor, giving them a land of their own. God was letting us all know we are of beloved value to Him.

Socially: Liberated from state interference in the family and in cultural life. Liberation from oppression as a minority group, giving them the right to be a free people.

Spiritually: From bondage to Pharaoh’s god’s, lining it with today’s equation, free from conformity to the world. Romans 12 verse 2; Spiritually free to know and to worship, the One True God, who created us.

Exodus was not only a liberation from slavery, but liberation into a new relationship with God.

Exodus is a foreshadowing of God redeeming His creation, which is summed up in John # verse 16:

The choice to be liberated {Redeemed}, and it is available to all to accept.

Economically: We have been brought with a Price. we have value and are valued no matter who we are. Christ Jesus paid the price on The Cross.

Socially: Free from the interference of the humanistic doctrine of the world.

Spiritually: So we can again worship Him in Spirit and Truth. We can have individual relationship with Him.

Get excited and read Exodus afresh.

God Bless.

O F J.

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