Weekend Inspiration

jer streets


Did Jeremiah’s Lord declare, ‘Look and consider?’

‘Seek and search for one lone person who will deal

from his soul with honesty and truth as hot as cinders,

and I will forgive this city.’ The Lord spoke in zeal.

Disaster from the North, a destroyer of nations,

who will lament and wail aloud with anger,

asking of God within their deceit and elation,

behind pretence of peace plus hidden danger.

Again, the Lord declares; ‘In that day I will send,

a scorching wind to indicate a warning of my wrath

that will burn the faithless, the evil under which they bend

and heard not the cry to return to me in idle sloth.

Let my judgement tear the evil from their hearts,

tune their ears to being saved in holy spirit light,

opening their blind eyes to wisdom, made whole in every part.

To know to return back to God’s voice calling through the night.

The Lord declares, ‘I will restore and forgive, just come to me.

I will lead you through Jerusalem streets again and with joy so great.

Gather together with me, to seek, to hear and always to see,

all estranged souls belong eternally with me and so never too late.

Be Blessed


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