Weekend Inspiration


Opposition Unfolds

Take note of the opposing events in both the Old Testament and the New. Consider the impact of this incredible, ordained role, chosen by God for Mary, to birth the baby Jesus. Imagine their courage, doubts, fears and bewilderment. In their faith they obeyed throughout all rejection. They listened to God despite opposition and were rejected amidst their own.

Then we have Peter who denied his Lord who stood by observing the wounds of his master on the cross. He felt the blood of his conscience sweep through him as he never had before. Peter groaned in repentance and the grief of his shame.

So once again there is the depth of emotions that penetrates our lives as followers of Christ. We are vulnerable and must honor God but always listen. Isaiah 43, 1 to 5 (Quote) –Here is my servant (are my servants) in whom I uphold. I will put my spirit on him and he will bring justice to all nations.

Verse 3- A bruised reed will not break, and a smouldering wick he will not snuff out. In faithfulness he will bring forth justice, he will not falter or be discouraged until he establishes justice on earth. (9,-‘and new things I declare,’) The word of the Lord spreads like a canopy of promises, faithfulness, wisdom and an unfolding that only he can do.

His spirit covers us with forgiveness, he does not break us. He is just forever encouraging and at all times, answers our prayerful pleas. In trust and praise his love never leaves us. In whom do we trust in every situation? Believe the unfolding of your life with God even when you cling to mountain tops by your finger nails.

Just keep listening to him.


Be Blessed


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