‘Special Encouragement’ From Leviticus


The Book of Leviticus is quoted or referred to in the New Testament at least forty times {more than any other book in the Bible} many of Jesus’ teachings come from Leviticus, particularly those on the Great Commandment {Lev 19 v 18}. New testament teaching on holiness entwine directly to Leviticus.

Through Leviticus God instructs His people in how He is to be worshiped. God is Holy and His people are expected to be Holy.

It goes through the offerings in which God is to be worshiped.






This manual of worship is highly detailed but makes it clear these details are important to God.

The focus was on the motivation behind the offering, the offering was only acceptable to God when the worshipers devotion is ‘Heartfelt’.

Its no good just going through the motion of just going to church if you are doing it like a robot and not from the heart

The Old Testament sacrifices to God were types of the ultimate sacrifice, that were made by Jesus Christ the Son of God.

He died in our place on the cross. He became the price that needed to be paid for our sin.

God had His Plan of redemption for His people (you and me) all the way through the Bible

The teachings of Leviticus are entwined in 1 Peter Chapter 2; We will use verse 1and 2: {Amplified Bible};

V1:“So be done with every trace of wickedness {depravity, malignity} and all deceit and insincerity {pretense, hypocrisy} and grudges {envy, jealousy} and slander and evil speaking of every kind”.

V2: “Like newborn babies you should crave—thirst for, earnestly desire— the pure {unadulterated} spiritual milk, that by it you may be mature and grow unto {completed} salvation”.

A price was paid for our ‘whole-heartedness’. it was paid that we would crave and grow mature in all Our Loving Lord and Friend has done for us.

Enjoy reading Leviticus because through it, no

t only does God tell His believers how to worship, but He gives them practical ways to live out holiness in everyday life.

God bless.


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