Message From 3 John ‘Life Assured’

acts 1v8

The letter is addressed to a man named Gauis.. since this was one of the most common names in the Roman world, it is addressed to us all.

To walk in truth implies a course of conduct or life that is “living in the Truth”. The importance of both doctrinal integrity and spiritual vitality is evident in John’s affirmation that nothing brought greater joy to him then to know that his children were “walking in the Truth”.

Love, humility, and a knowledge of the truth are essential to scriptural hospitality. Gaius showed perfect hospitality and welcomed those who believed and taught truth. On the other hand Diotrephes’s pride would not allow him to show hospitality to those who needed it. Where as Demetrius was another who did what was right in the area of loving strangers, displaying hospitality to the believers in need.

Underlying this discussion is a contrast between christian missionaries and false teachers. an individual who welcomes a false teacher basically shares in His evil deed. V 11 but those who receive Christian missionaries are co-workers with the Truth V8.

The man Diotrephes was a man of influence and authority in the church, evidently was hostile to the Apostle John. The nature of his rebellion was observable in three distinct areas 1. He loved to be in the first position.

2. He spread malicious gossip.

3. failing to be content with these evil action, he refused to receive believers from other assemblies and cast out of the church those who did receive the brethren.

The sins of pride, gossip and intolerance are frequently found together, and they compromise our witness to the Gospel.

The ultimate statistic is that one out of one dies. what happens next is less clear. Christians believe that the resurrection of Christ, ASSURES them that God has prepared an eternal place in His presence for them. There is a difference between confidence and cockiness, however, the confident person knows limits, the cocksure person overlooks them.

One of the most exciting facts is: We  can know we have a safe future because of what Our Lord and Our Friend has done for us. LIFE ASSURED.

God Bless


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