Weekend Inspiration


This week’s ‘Weekend Inspiration’ is again a wonderful poem from Cousin Ruth. be blessed by this poem called ‘MY MOST MEMORABLE CHRISTMAS’

The Christmas tree was all lit up

Presents placed beneath in fine array

The excitement I felt well within

Leaves memories to this very day

Although I wasn’t a small Child

I stood with wonderment and joy

This was to be my first Christmas

I was like a Child with a new toy

I’d never celebrated the Lord’s day before

As I’d grown up not to believe in it

There was no conformity to stop me now

I was born again and filled with the Spirit

My emotions heightened as the Day approached

And I thought of our Savior on that special day

As I celebrated with my Family and friends

I’m so glad I’m a Child of the King Today

He has turned my mourning into dancing

And given me new meaning and hope

As I live for him every Day of my life

When throughout the years I couldn’t cope

So every year as The Christmas season begins

It brings back memories of that special time

When I saw Christmas through a Child’s eyes

c.Cousin  Ruth   2/12/97 While I was still young and in my prime

Be Blessed Today and Everyday.

From Your Friends At Mylordmyfriend.com

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