Weekend Inspiration


To be inspired, to be encouraged, in our walk with Our lord and Our Friend  are ways of helping us all grow. the refreshing of inspiration, of those dedicated to their work and the encouragement of our brothers and sister in Christ, help up all in our journey through life.

We can be inspired and encouraged by the faith that was instilled all our brothers and sisters that have gone before. The hymns that they sang, where not just church song, the hymns spoke of the faith they believed and one such hymn we are sure we can all draw inspiration and encouragement from is:

1} I Will Sing The Wondrous Story.

So enjoy and even sing along to it.

I will sing the wondrous story

Of the Christ who died for me;

How He left His home in glory,

For the cross of Calvary.

Chorus: Yes I’ll sing   the wondrous sto…ry

Of The Christ …Who died for me;….

Sing it with…. the saints of glo…ry.

Gathered by…. the crystal sea.

2} I was lost; but Jesus found me—

Found the sheep that went astray;

Threw His loving arms around me,

Drew me back into His way.


3} I was bruised; but Jesus healed me—

Faint was i from many a fall;

Sight was gone, and fears possessed me:

But He freed me from all.


Be inspired in your faith today, many who have gone before are now enjoying their  eternal destiny and home.

Be Blessed Today And Everyday.

From Your Friends At mylordmyfriend.

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