Weekend Inspiration


This week ‘Weekend  Inspiration’ is another one of Lorraine Szabo’s Poems. Lorraine is such prolific writer of poem, and we are blessed by being able to use them. So enjoy and be inspired by Lorraine’s poem called ‘It Is Time’.

It Is Time.

Lord, is it not time for me to leave yet?

The tears and the years have wearied this soul

Surely there is little left for me to learn all you set

In so many tests through life’s mending of holes.

The ‘Letting Go’ of love’s rejections.

I strive to fulfill your truth so wise.

To be aware of such many inner prompts of your predictions.

To obey, and to pray, as the trials doubled much in size.

The trying became crying alone.

Only in your spirit did I claim release,

To commit and trust those heavy burden stones

To you so I could gain loving peace.

Looking back, I sense a closing web

Of time seems to end of my earthly season.

The footsteps you guide me on when you led

so often confused and lost in doubting reason.

Time ticks by day by day

And perhaps your touch will hold a last breathe

In my soul you must stay as the only way

To eternal joy is after the laying of my wreath.

I just need, my Lord, to hasten my body’s decrease

And lift me to heaven in Holy Grace

When the song of freedom and wholeness release

And I can kneel before His awesome face.

So Lord, is it almost time

To carry me home,

By His Spirit winds of His angels?

Let it soon be that time of mine.

Lorraine Szabo C 2016

Be Blessed Today and Everyday,

From Your Friends At mylordmyfriend.com

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