Weekend Inspiration


This weeks ‘Weekend Inspiration’ has been written by our dear friend of the ministry Loraine Szabo. Lorraine has written many poem, and we are blessed being able to use them. Be inspired by her poem, “A Man Such As Him’.

‘A Man Such As Him’

Who was this man alongside us?

Who pulled Zacharius from his tree

And changed His life from all distrust

Yet, He mingled with rabble in a pub, felt free,

His presence in a crowd felt a touch of His hem

From a woman of many years had bled,

He healed and blessed her as a witness to them.

The crowd fell silent at this miracle was fed.

A soldier’s daughter died from afar but he

Pleaded in Grief at this man’s feet Who said,

Stand and go home as she is no longer  dead.

It was so and rejoicing the word was spread.

He returned a lost son to a father waiting

Althoug inheritance was spent astray

In a life of losing the lot, no complentating

But lessons learned and love forgave.

This man sent demon pigs over a cliff

Fed thousands from one basket of bread

Walked across storms waters to His men adrift

And stilled the sea to calm the waves to tread

In weariness and dusty feet He healed many yet

And touched hurting souls as He went in love

Until weepimg at death to endure was set

Did silence the sounds of doves above.

This man was Jesus, The Son Of God

Who is alive and gives miracles still today

Trust in His truths, His love and His rod

He is with us always, in hearts in every way.

He carries His cross of suffering over our  souls

Assuring, Promising Hope and release

Mending and filling up the holes

We just have to ask Him, our cares will cease.

Tears and trails He knows so well

He lifts us up to peace as prayers abide

In assurance Hid compassion dwells,

His mercy flows in a never ending tide.

L Szabo c 2016

Be Blessed Today and Everyday.

From your friends at mylordmyfriend.com

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