Weekend Inspiration


The aim of our site, is to share The Awesomeness of the Gospel Message. The Message is a Message of Transformation and Hope.  While the world may have it ways and it concept of living, real living comes from coming to know the God that created us, and His promises for our lives. These promises are true, and they are also available for ‘any whosoever’ to accept.  John  3 verse I6 and

Vi6 “God so loved the people of this world so much that He gave His Only Son, so that everyone {Any whosoever} who has faith in Him will have eternal life and never really die”.

VI7: “God did not send His Son into the world to condemn its people. He sent Him to save them”.

Jesus sees us as we really are, not as we imagine ourselves to be. He knows our weak points. He has made plans for all our lives, Jeremiah 29 verse 11: Plans for blessing and an eternal future.

Our old inner self must give way to a new inner self that God gives us. We are able to please God because new learn to love the things He loves. Then we appreciate Our Lord and Our Redeemer and Our Friend for Who He really is — our Savior from heaven. We must ask God to create us all over again, to be the person He created us to be.

So the Inspiration, for this week is a blessing from one of Old Fellow John’s Poems, called, “Oh What It Is To Be A Christian’. which we used very early on, on this site. So be blessed as we share this poem again as our ‘Weekend Inspiration’

Oh what it is to be A Christian,

A Christian in love with God

A Christian made mighty by His covering,

Made radiant by His love.

There is no way to deserve it,

It’s a feeling that grows in deep

A feeling of tremendous excitement,

A feeling reserved for those who seek.

Of course the roads not easy, but it leads to eternal life,

Through a life of dedication and victories in Christ.

A life that not many follow.

The light they see not clear

Their eyes are blurred by worldly fascinations,

And they only have a clouded view.

But the light real Christians follow is the everlasting Presence of God


Be Inspired. Be Blessed Today and Everyday,

From Your Friends at mylordmyfiend.com

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