Trust On, Trust On, Believer


Faith of our forefathers. The faith handed down generations that we might come to believe and accept for ourselves. Faith that becomes vibrant and real, that has continued through history.

Faith that is so real, it is to hard to ignore. Faith that can becomes ours when we Trust and accept for ourselves. Here is an old Hymn, that displays the faith that has been around for centuries. Faith that is so tangible, we can know it for ourselves.

V1: Trust on, trust on, believer!

Through long the conflict be<

Thou yet shalt prove victorious;

Thy God shall fight for thee.

V2: Trust on! the danger presses,

Temptation strong is near;

Over life’s dangerous rapids

He shall thy passage steer.

V3. The Lord is strong to save us,

He is a faithful friend:

Trust on, Trust on, believer!

Oh, trust Him to the end.

Amazing trust, sung about for years, let us all continue to Trust on, Trust on.

God Bless.

O F J.

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