Weekend Inspiration


Once again our Weekend Inspiration comes from our wonderful friend of the ministry Lorraine. Lorraine is a writer and writes so beautiful poetry, Today we are blessed by her poem, “Introspective Soul Talk”.

Introspective Soul Talk

I turn the dead wicks of sin

to a lit candle flame.

The intricate weavings of

belief in a human heart

and soul, as the flames

of life’s bigger problems

have found truth

that transforms lives,

through trials and losses

amidst shadows of reality, scraped

up from broken pieces

of twists and turns,

of footsteps not yet trod.

I have much to mold

to sculpt, a seeking of keys

to unlock bitterness dep.

Do you see on me eyeof trust yet?

Is it heaven’s time

to unbind and entwine

in a healing that

may set me free.

Loraine Szabo

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