Weekend Inspiration


This week ‘Weekend Inspiration is one of the many My Cousin Ruth has written.  Ruth when you get to know her, and she readily willing to talk to anyone, was brought up in a cult. After accepting Christ Jesus as Her Lord, Her, Redeemer and Her Friend, Ruth was shunned by even close family members. I have a great admiration for what Ruth went through, to believe in Christ Jesus , and today Ruth is attending a very supportive church, and Ruth is helping others become free from cults and the controlling people. So her poem we are blessed with today, is called,

“No Turning Back”

O Lord , at times it hurts so much

When I cannot share with my Family

It’s only my great love for you

That’s it’s not the calamity it could be

When I followed you, my Lord

I knew there was no turning back

Although I’d lost my Family

With your provision I do not lack

I knew that you would bless me

Leaving my Family for your name

You sacrificed your life for me

Why shouldn’t I do the same?

When I put my faith in your hands

You rewarded me with your love

You showered me with many blessings

Sending your peace down like a dove

C Cousin Ruth
Be Blessed Today And Everyday,
From Your Friend at mylordmyfriend.com

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