Seve Him In Groundedness


What a wonderful scripture, James 4 verse 7:

““So submit yourself before God, Resist the devil and He will flee from you”. Some Scripture use the ‘word’ Humble instead of ‘submit’. There is no way we should ‘not be humble’, before the Awesomeness of Our Lord, Our Redeemer and Our Friend.

He has given us awesome gifts to use. Zechariah 4 verse 6: n”Not by strength or might but My Spirit, says The Lord of Hosts”.

We have God’s gracious Gift to use for His Glory, which should never bring glory to ourselves. Our work is His, any association with that work belongs to Him. That will always keep us Humble, in the things we do for Him.

James 4 verses 111 to 12: Christians need to have discernment, but we must not act like God is passing judgement. We must first examine, our own lives, and then try to help others.

James 4 verse 13 to 17: Apart from the will of God, life is a mystery
When we know Jesus Christ as Savior and seek to do His will, than life starts to make sense. Even the physical around us takes on new meaning.

James 4 verses 14: Life breath is one of the repeated themes of Scripture, to us. Life seems long when w measure it in years. I comparison to eternity, however, life is but a vapor of log.

James 5 verse 16: Since we are steward of God’s Will, we have certain responsibilities towards Our Lord and Our Friend. We must be faithful to see what He gives us to serve Him, then things become treasures, and we are investing in eternity. Enjoying what God has given us, which greatly differs from living extravagantly, on what we have withheld from other.

Even if what have, has been heard and lawfully and in The Will Of God, we must, we must ‘not work it. on self living. There may need a waiting to be met. Reading James afresh, take our eyes of self {us], and clearly place it on Him, bringing Glory to Him, through everything we do. Sometimes that might seem meaningless, but when we do it, ‘In-Him’ and ‘For Him’, nothing could be further from The Truth.

The Great Old Hymn, ‘All to Jesus, I surrender, can take us back to the young boys lunch in the Feeding of The Five Thousand. What the young boy, had to satisfy his own nourishment needs to stay and listen to Jesus speaking, turned into one of the greatest stories from New Testament.

Today if we look at our circumstance and the things we have, our thought should always be, if He request that, what great ‘Glory’ will it bring to Him., by these things we have brought with us this day.

Should lead us to pack our own basket, but should make us ready at anytime, to give all we have to Him.

Life is never about us, it is always about Him, For I no longer live. Galatians 2 verse 20;

God Bless.



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