Weekend Inspiration


Again Our Weekend Inspiration, we thank Lorraine Szabo for another of her wonderful Poems, Living With Water. Loraine has a wonderful anointing for writing, so let all enjoy her new poem.

Living With Water.

Water partakes and enters the presence of earth’s effects,

wherever humanity seeks to dwell and reflect.

A changing of a trickle into a river to roam,

from a downpour stirs up into a raging torrent,

that surges, destroys crops and swallows homes,

sucking up vehicles, cattle in loss abhorrent.

Mud and debris are flung to places unknown,

trees sink below and cease to be free to send

branches, seeds and leaves to winds blown

as pounding, swirling waters break and bend

until tugged and torn they are dragged deep

to swiftly follow fast currents in powerful beat.

In contrast is a quiet waterfall singing from rocks above

to crystal, still pool without ripple in silent shadow meet

to reflect scarce sprays of minute rays of sun’s love

in a sigh of serenity that steals such a soul so sweet,

filling with a presence of peace to saturate and soothe the heart,

as the essence of nature captivates, eases life’s sorrows in part.

Water meandering, in sliding stream, of slithering rain,

or storm pounding ocean, stagnant pond, bubbling brook,

of puddles to splash in, or dripping from roof’s stain,

or gushing from taps, wings of birds as feathers they shook,

of clouds gentle fog or mist from the ground or grass of dew,

without water on earth the universe would mean life for few.

After storms the beauty of a rainbow spans the high sky,

so be thankful for this sign of how water renews never to

Lorraine  Szabo c2015

Be Blessed Today and Everyday,

From Your Friends at mylordmyfriend.com

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