Weekend Inspiration


Once again our Weekend Inspiration, is another wonderful poem by, our great friend of the ministry Lorraine. Lorraine has been such an encouragement to us around here, during the difficult time of the passing of OFJ beloved wife Anne, and OFJ now going through treatment himself, which he reminds us he is half way through, and believing the coming new year will bring, a freshness to our ministry of mylordmyfriend.com. Be blessed and inspired by this Poem called  PEACE IN POWER

In silence so still – under a saffron moon
we know the peace of his Holy Will.
After chaos and trials
we did stumble out of tune,
as gold coins of Judas, in piles,
his only reason for treason,
ripped away a life so soon
on a cross and dark doom.
Pain in every way was shed,
in hatred as treachery tore apart.
Cries arose for our dead,
as betrayals by many did start.
Families broken and gone,
wandering alone and lost,
as winds carried their songs,
of seeking love removed at cost.
Sin and violence reached afar,
soulless they ran in distress long.
Signs of decay split people in two,
looking for answers to hear
but only a sacred faith would save you
from the one who can teach you to bear
the burdens and sorrows taken to his soul.
Angels with wings release our fear,
serenity and love will defeat our holes.
Jesus surrounds and lifts our spirits,
with endless patience he forgives us all,
reminding of His daily love without limits.
To teach us and lead us away from sinful falls.
A Holy Spirit connection we trust with faith
as He offers a deep love that never will leave,
if we listen, believe what HE to us sayeth.
His arms hold us each as we believe,
and give to him to the end of life,
of your past God will release and relieve.
Rejoice as HE takes away your strife
in a renewal of hope with an indwelling joy.
Of promised eternity forever yours,
peace at last for you will soar.

If only thou could but believe!

Lorraine Szabo c 2015

Be Blessed today and Everyday,

From Your Friends at mylordandfriend.com

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