Faith In Action ‘finding Our Baal Perazim’


Traveling and doing things against great odds, some of those early pioneers, they amaze me. We today, if we get held up by a traffic light, we think things are going against us, that is after, we have trouble getting out of bed, getting out of our comfort zone.

We do live in a comfort zone, and most people seem to worry, if they step out of their comfort zones, they will be challenged, so it is better to play it safe.  It doesn’t matter what environment, we try to keep ourselves safe in, there will be challenges.

1 Chronicles 14: David had just been anointed King. David had faced many challenges in his life before he became king, David was somebody who seemed to thrive on challenges, he took on Goliath when nobody else would. So perhaps he was thinking, this position of king, might be a bit easier.

But the Philistines made a challenge, by raiding the Valley of Rephaim. David being a man after God’s own heart, asked God, if he required himself and his army to go after the Philistines. David was prepared to do what God wanted, and not just be in a comfort zone, of enjoying his promotion.

If God tells us to go, He will be with us in the challenge, and He will find away for us, to overcome and defeat the challenges. God did provide away for David to overcome his enemies, and David called the place ‘Baal Perazim’ which means ‘breaking through’.

There is no comfort zones in the Kingdom of God. we are called to serve there, {although, there is A Comforter, The Holy Spirit}. We must remember who called us, and Whose Spirit lives within you. God called David and He has called us too.

When we understand the significance of what Our Lord and Our Friend is doing and wants to do in our lives, we should be too excited to worry about comfort zones. David knew and understood that God wasn’t responding to his need to do something about, what was challenging him. God was responding to David obedience, and his waiting on, what God wanted to do about the problem.

We need to leave our comfort zones, to find our ‘Baal Perazim’. Sometimes Our Lord and Our Friend will do it for us, most times He will bring victory through us. It is a matter of obedience, it is a matter of doing what Our Lord and Our Friend tells us! When we do, we will get our place of ‘breakthrough’, our Baal Perazim.

God Bless.

O F J.

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