Reflective Moment ‘God Knows And Cares’


God’s mercies transform our lives from one that was dead to him because of sin, to be alive to Him, by accepting His payment on the cross for our sin. {we were born into sin, we were all born into a fallen world.}

We are not going to enter into anything that will destroy, things that the world calls joy. We are entering into an agreement to live the life we were created to live which brings real joy.

We enter into a real peace, a peace in the inner self that only Our Lord and Our Friend can give.

The journey of our lives truly begins and we start a new eternal journey.

We were always {spiritually} going to live for eternity, but eternity without Our Lord and Our Friend is too terrible to think about.

So lets all present our bodies as living sacrifices, which is placing us all in His care, His purpose, His direction for our lives.

That is when we really start living, and worshiping and fellowship with our God.

God Bless.

O F J.

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