Scripture Verse Of The Week ‘Philippians 2 Verse 4’



Philippians 2 verse 4:

“Everyone should look out not only, for his {or Her} own interest, but also for the interest of others”.

So many people build their own little worlds, and the center of these worlds is self-interest. We were never designed, to live in a world of self, we are created to live in relationship, and the most important relationship, is that with the Loving God that created us.

Mathew 19 verse 19: Tells us to: “Love our neighbors as ourselves”.

Just in those word, the kingdom of self, is dead, we are not to be self seeking, we are to be concerned about the welfare of others.

If we first allow ourselves to be, open and accepting of what a Loving God has done for us, He becomes our help and our mentor to help us, in our service in  the interest of others.

Most of the occupations, we have through life, maybe there is self-interest in them, to get paid, but we will not be paid, if others can’t use our abilities and services. Most occupations are to serve other people.

Self-focus and self-concern is no the way. If we think of ourselves we become self-conscious; if we think of others we will become other-conscious, The way is written into our constitutions, We function better physically when we are more concerned about others than we are about ourselves

Self focus, should no longer be in us; Galatians 2 verse 20;

God Bless.


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