Weekend Inspiration


Our Weekend Inspiration comes from Cousin Ruth. Our Lord, Our Redeemer and Our Friend, set Ruth free from a life destroying cult. Over a number of years now Ruth has been active in the Christian community, helping others to be set free, with the help of Our Lord and Our Friend. Wouldn’t say her walk has been easy, but Ruth has found a deep faith, in which she has found the All-sufficiency, God has for her life. Ruth has through her faith written many great poems and here is another ‘Gratefulness’.


I take great delight in you,

My Lord You give me the desires of my heart

Lovingly guiding my daily walk

Nothing could ever keep us apart

I’m so thankful to you, my Father

That you are always there for me

You wipe away my every tear

Allowing me to see your beauty

As I’m accepted and forgiven

Your grace is sufficient for me

As you send your Holy Spirit

For all the World to see

You’re always by my side

To fight the storms of life

And to wash away my fears

The troubling times of strife

As I look up to you, my Lord

There is indeed no need to doubt

AS I walk daily by your side

Your mercy I will gladly shout

c.  Ruth  27/5/15

Thank you Ruth, we trust all who read this, will be bless, as they read and discern the great faith, you now have, in Our Lord, Our redeemer and Our Friend.  If you would like to contact Ruth, please write to the Ministry, and Ruth will get your letter.

God Bless.


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