Faith In Action ‘From Ezekiel’


Ezekiel was a Priest by training and a prophet by God’s call.

Ezekiel received vivid visions, and was able to deliver powerful messages.

Ezekiel showed great strength, and became a tough and extremely brave man so he could reach hard and stubborn people. Our Creator God, is not limited to a single place, nor does He dwell among people who refuse to honor Him

Ezekiel 1 verse 8: Ezekiel’s visions were striking visions of God Himself. The first part of the book of Ezekiel, emphasize God’s Holiness, and also his judgement.

The second part of the book of Ezekiel, we see a God who remains faithful, who will restore His people, and who again will welcome their worship.

Big lessons to be learnt from Ezekiel prophecies and writings are:

1. Each person’s response to God determines his or her eternal destiny.

2. God has people though whom He can work, even in seemingly hopeless situations.

3. Even repeated failures of His people will not prevent God’s plan from being fulfilled.

In a nutshell, salvation is a personal response to God. God can use anybody who is prepared to be used. Sometimes we may fail, but once we have responded to His Salvation, providing we acknowledge our failings He will not give up on us.

Verse to remember is about perseverance. “Speak My Words to them whether they listen or refuse to listen”.

Ezekiel’s story can be found in the book by his name Ezekiel, and 2 Kings 24 verses 10 to 17:

Enjoy reading Ezekiel’s  story, and remember with Our Lord and Our Friend on our side, who can be against us, if we are prepared to stand up for Him.

God Bless.


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