Faith in Actio ‘Let God Be Abba Father’

abba father

God sent His Son Christ Jesus, to pay a price none of us could pay, to come before A Holy, Just and Righteous God.

John 1 verse 12: “But to all that did receive Him, He gave them the right to be children of God, to those who believe in His Name”.

When we call God Abba Father, we are not suggesting that He is masculine in our understanding of sexuality, God’s nature embraces all which belongs to both male and female natures. Matthew 23 verse 37; God’s love is symbolized as hen gathering chicks under his wings.

I once prayed for a lady named Gwen, praying for somebody in person and not inside a church is not strange to me nor should it be strange to anyone. Gwen asked for prayer, but would not reveal what she wanted prayed for, that is ok too. It was what God revealed to me, about, what I should pray for, was I thought unusual.

Gwen had a fear of man,which is not unusual, Gwen’s fear of man extended to God, because God to her was always referred to as masculine. When I went to pray for Gwen, she moved away, which I told her was alright, prayer has no barriers and I could pray for Her, where ever she liked to stand.

What I told Gwen was it is important to note that when we call God ‘Father’ we are not suggesting that He is masculine in our understanding of sexuality. God’s nature embraces qualities which belong both male and female natures and the Bible does not shrink from speaking of God’s maternal love. What the term ‘Father’ means is that God looks after us a a real parent should. God provides for us, He looks after us and He loves us more than we can ever perceive.

After I explained this and more to Gwen, I Prayed for her. Prayer is expectant, or what is the point of praying for people. Hebrews 11 verse 1, We must use our faith to pray.

Gwen countenance, changed dramatically, from being down and fearful, her face was beaming with a wonderful smile. A lady named Sue who was siting in the room as well, face was astonished, Gwen thanked me and gave me a hug, which was something she could not have done before the prayer. I assured Gwen I was only the vessel for asking My Lord, My Redeemer and My Friend, to help her, and release Gwen into a new understanding  about God’s love for her.

In our anonymous world where people are often fearful and insure, the Doctrine of God as Father is exciting and inexhaustible. Christ Jesus lived life aware and confident that He could not drift from His Father’s love and care. Something for all of us to understand, there is no need for us to pray ‘Our Father’ and live as though we are orphans.

God Bless.

O F J.

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