Reflective Moment ‘Living It’


It is never to late to look at ourselves, what patterns in our lives have become status quo? What patterns in our personal lives, family, work, church or community, have grown dull or perhaps even sinful with the passage of time.

In driving past a church the other day, they had a sign rededicate your baptism.

Maybe with all the things that are there in the world pulling on our attention, let us think again of what it was to be baptized  into Faith in Christ Jesus.

When we go under the water, it is a symbol of burial and when we come out of the water, it is a symbol of New Life. The old man or woman is dead and the new man or woman is alive in Christ Jesus, {Our Lord and Our Friend}.

The deeper we go embracing our Salvation, and what it means, and the more we actually begin infusing it promises and benefits into every extremity of our lives, our lives will be changed so much, we will never want to become mundane and accept the status quo,  in our understanding of faith again.

Let us take time, to wash and polish in God’s Truth, and shine and share through our lives IN Him, afresh.
God Bless.

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