Faith Of Our Forefathers


God so loved that He gave, for any ‘whosoever’ to accept. Acceptance is an individual thing, because He loves us individually. Down through the age many people found God’s amazing love for themselves, and walk collectively with a people of like mind, in many different churches. Many great Hymns where sung in these collective gatherings, of people who love Their Lord, Their Redeemer and Their Friend. One of these great hymns is “Christians Walk Carefully”.

V1: Christians, walk carefully; danger is near!

On in thy journey with trembling and fear;

Snares from without, and temptations within.

Seek to entice thee once more into sin.

Christians walk carefully danger is near!

V2: Christian walk cheerfully through the fierce storm,

Dark through the sky with it’s threats of alarm:

Soon will the clouds and tempest be over, Then with thy Savior you’ll rest evermore.

Christians walk cheerfully; through the fierce storm.

V3: Christians, walk prayerfully; oft wilt thou fall,

If thou forget on thy Saviors to call;

Safe thou art clad in the Armour of prayer.

Christian walk prayerfully; fear lest thou fall.

V4: Christian, walk hopefully; sorrow and pain

Cease when the haven of rest thou shalt gain;

Then from the lips of the Judge, thy reward—

“enter thou into the joy of thy Lord”.

Christian, walk hopefully; rest thou shalt gain.

Salvation is an individual decision, but our walk is not alone, fro Our Lord has told us, ‘He will never leave us or forsake us”.

Walk carefully, always acknowledging He is there.

Walk cheerfully, for it is such Amazing Grace that allowed us to come.

Walk prayerfully, into constant communication with Our Lord and Our Friend.

Walk hopefully, in the many blessings He has provided for us, as His Grace is more than sufficient, for us.

God Bless.

O F J.

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