Reflective Moment ‘Wonderfully Made’


Psalm 139: Has been called, perhaps the most intimate of Psalms that David composed. V1 “Lord, You have searched me and known me”.

The theme of the Psalm, which is a Davidic Psalm, is David’s praise for God’s personal interest in every aspect of his life.

Perhaps we too, should read the Psalm again, to see, how Our Lord, Our Redeemer and Our Friend, is interested in every aspect of each of our lives.

Perhaps we have been accused wrongly, and put down badly, well the Psalm from verse 19 to 22, deals with wicked accuses. David has found and knows for himself, that God knows us and watches over us and guides us like a perfect Father.

God loves us individually, that is why, Salvation, is a personal commitment of repentance and to follow our loving God, and let Him watch over us.

Enjoy the intimacy of the Psalm, and understand we are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made by the hands of a loving Creator God, Everybody likes to feel loved, and the psalm reiterates the Omniscient of God {All-knowing} in verse 1 to 6. The Omnipresent {ever present} verse 7 to 12 and The Omnipotent {All-powerful}, verse 13 to 15: and that is Who we are loved by.

God Bless.


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