Excitement From Proverbs


Reading God’s Word is the most wonderful and exciting activity we can ever do, but people seem to think The Bible is too hard of a book to read. So we started Excitement from Series, to tell all, about some of the excitement we glean from the various books that make up The Bible.

Excitement from Proverbs, it is a daily Book, a chapter for each day of the month. It is a Book of practical wisdom, general truth not promises.

The first nine chapters are different from the rest of the Book, mainly contrasting wisdom and foolishness. The other chapters are a string of one and two line maxims, each of which sums up a truth, that is useful in life.

The Book of Proverbs is the most practical Book of The Old Testament, gives insights and help for every day life. There is an old saying ‘An apple a day makes the doctor, stay away’. Well we should also say, ‘A Proverb a  day, keeps worry and stress away, as they are good medicine for our body, soul and spirit.

The object of Proverbs is to inspire reverence for Our Loving Creator God, and inspire a deep love for wisdom and righteous living. The Book of Proverbs should become our practical handbook for life, within the bigger Manufacturer’s Handbook The Bible.

The message we should glean from Proverbs, is that knowing God, is The Key to wisdom.

Knowing God: Because He wants to be known, Choosing His ways, and He will help us make the right decisions.

Knowing His wisdom: Is choosing our words carefully, for out of the heart one speaks.

Understanding God: Choosing to do all we do diligently. This will honor Him and help us in our work commitments.

Following God: Choosing who we associate with, because like minded people are also on the same journey of following Him.

Living for God: Making time to worship and honor Him, will build on strengthening our character, to be more of the person He has created us to be.

There is so much wisdom and excitement to be gleaned from The Book of Proverbs, and one a day is the start of a great daily devotional.

God Bless.

O F J.

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