Reflectiev Moment ‘New For Old’


New for old, exchanged life. When we enter into fellowship and relationship, with Our Lord and Our Friend, we are offered new for old an exchanged life.

We give Him everything we are and everything we are supposed to be, and He gives us everything He is. We give Him our unrighteousness, and our wrong-doings, and He gives us His righteousness.

New for old, we give Him our fears and insecurities, and He makes us Sufficient in everything. His Grace becomes our sufficiency. 2 Corinthians 12 verse 9:

New for old, becoming a Christian is more than having our sins forgiven, it is a new way of living, where the sin nature, cannot control our lives. Romans 6 v 22; We have new life a glorious life of freedom to serve Him, and others with not just love, but His love, His faith, His righteousness, His peace and His joy.

When we are insecure we try to do good works, so we can feel good about ourselves which is self-centered. When we are secure In Christ Romans 8 v1, we do through Him and for Him alone. New Christ-centered for old self-centered

Our lives through repentance {of missing His mark for our life} and acceptance of all of Who He is and what He did for us, we have a new life In Him, which is an entirely new way of living.

God Bless.


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