Faith in Action ‘Willing To Be Used’


We can read about a lady called Rahab, in Joshua Chapter 2. Rahab had a colorful life, the story about her tells us, she was apparently a prostitute. Rahab helped the spies get into Jericho, and when the falls of Jericho did come tumbling down, Rahab and her family were saved.

It doesn’t matter what we do, or what our background is,Our Lord and Our Friend can still use us fro His Glory.

You unfortunately hear people say, ‘God couldn’t possibly use me’, well that statement limits God.

A person who makes themselves available for God to use, their life will be transformed for a wonderful purpose, and an amazing eternal destiny.

We never become perfect in ourselves, we are always a sinner saved by Grace, but we put on Our Lord and our Friend’s perfection.

Roman 8 verse1: We become enveloped in Christ Jesus. we move in and through Him.

Faith is not a one-time, sensational event in one’s life, neither is it a state of moral and spiritual perfection, to which only a handful of special people obtain. Faith is a dynamic, lifelong journey that each one of us who believes in Our Lord and Our Friend is on.

The journey of Faith should always be leading us closer to God, this is the only way to make progress in and on our journey. we may fail at times, but the main thing is to keep moving towards Him.

So it doesn’t matter our background, or our abilities or lack of them, Our Lord and Our Friend can use all we give to Him, if we make ourselves available to Him.

Philippians 3 verses 13: “But one thing I do; forgetting what is behind and reaching forward to what is ahead”.

Faith is a journey for all who are willing, make a leap of Faith today and envelop your life in the eternal purposes of the Creator God that loves us, all.

Faith is an action, God has the purpose for these Actions He requires us to undertake, in which none of us will ever regret.

God Bless.

O F J.

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